Asociación Giraslogool was registered in January-2011 and serves the communities of: Alameda, Fuente de Piedra, Mollina, and Humilladero.

Asociación Girasol is a registered charity offering support to people with advanced, incurable illnesses (eg. cancer), their families, and carers in these communities.

Volunteers play an enormous part in helping the Asociación to run smoothly and efficiently, giving their time freely, working as part of a team and in support of fundraising activities.

Services are offered free of charge to patients, families and carers needing the support of Asociación Girasol.

Asociación Girasol is dependent on voluntary donations and fundraising activities to offer a quality service.

Asociación Girasol is in continual development but our overall objective remains the same: to provide support and improve the lives of people with advanced, incurable  illnesses, their families, and carers.

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